About Added Services

Added Services is a South African supplier of products to the laminating, print finishing, labeling and packaging industries.

Some of our products are manufactured locally or sourced from leading international suppliers and distributed to our customers throughout South Africa.

These include Twin Wire® Binding Combs, Plastikoil®, OPP Thermal Lamination films, PET thermal lamination and encapsulating films, laminating pouches, Stitching Wire, Packaging Wire, Calendar Rims, Calendar Hangers, Plastic Combs, Plastic Covers and binding boards, hot and cold stamping foils. In Addition we also supply print finishing machines including : Laminating, book binding and cutting machines.

In addition, we offer a wide range of print finishing machines including: Laminating, Book Binding, Case Making, Booklet Making, Creasing, Hot Foiling and Card Cutting machines.

Added Services has been in operation since 2014.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with high quality, cost effective products. Our well-trained team focuses on providing customers with solutions, supported by quality product and service excellence.